Are you looking for a verified housemate
to rent your spare room?

Watch the video for more information.

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    Mandatory verification for all users creates a trusted house-sharing community
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    All users with a completed profile can connect and message freely with each other
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    Choose a rental option or our unique rent offset option - you choose

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Does this sound like you?

Your living costs are too high
Your living costs are too high

Your mortgage and utility bills have gone through the roof! You're looking for a simple way to get additional funds to help get you through. House-sharing seems like a win/win.

You have a room to rent
You have a room to rent

You're a single person, an elderly couple or an empty nester with a spare bedroom. You'd like to rent it out but need to find the right person to share your home with.

You're new to house-sharing
You're new to house-sharing

It's the first time you've shared your home but you have no idea where to begin! We have free resources, digital guides and premium services to help you along.

Get started

Your safety is our priority: Secure house-sharing with mandatory Digital iD verification.

Our Digital iD verification is essential for a safe house-sharing experience. Both households and housemates must complete this verification to connect with others on our platform. Once verified, a Digital ID badge is prominently displayed on your profile, ensuring trust and safety within our community.

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Rent offset

Mix things up with your rental options! Choose a traditional rental model or offset the rent by asking for some additional
help around the place. Just add the weekly rent (with or without utilities), how many hours of help you need, and the rate
you think is fair. Our calculator will work out the rent you'll pocket and the hours of Rent & utilities help you'll receive.

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What our households are saying

The Room Xchange is a great way to use your spare room that is unoccupied for most of the year. My house mate Li helped me with my daughter so I can go back to work and get some personal space back.
House sharing with Li has really changed my life.

Tiffany Cherry

Media personality

We are so grateful for the support and guidance provided by The Room Xchange Concierge team. They helped us navigate through the process and ensure that our house-sharing arrangement would work seamlessly. Two years later and we're happy to say it has. Our story has even been featured on SBS Insights!

Cate and Hansraj

Author and Engineer

Our kids have grown and left home. Having someone sharing our house has filled the empty void. It also feels good knowing that the space is being used and the rent for the room helps as well.

Lou and Harry

Professional couple

Using The Room Xchange to find our housemate Sheryl-anne was simple and the benefits over the last 18 months have been huge! It's a much easier process than trying to find occasional outside help. I had more time for myself and got to spend more quality time with my son.

Angela Webster


I didn't want to go to a nursing home. I wanted to stay in my own home with my wonderful friends and neighbours in my local area.

Sharing my house with Lyndsay gave me company on a daily basis. It also gave my family peace of mind knowing someone was here with me.


Elderly retiree

I'm a busy professional, working long hours and always coming home to an empty apartment.
It's great having someone here who I can enjoy meaningful conversations with at the end of the day.
It's also good to make better use of my spare bedroom.

Angie La Vie

Real Estate Agent

It’s been so refreshing dealing with the team at The Room Xchange. Their business model, genuine care factor and super friendly vibe were awesome - I highly recommend them.

Mitch Gibson

Household Concierge Client