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Baby Boomers Becoming Empty Nesters

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  • Baby Boomers on the rise

    Within twenty years it is expected that couples living without children will make up almost 40% of households in Australia, which can largely be attributed to baby boomers becoming ‘empty nesters’. There are two sides to empty nesters. The adventurous ‘escaping nesters’ or ‘grey nomads’ who wish to do all the travelling and exploring they couldn’t do when their children were young. But there is also the development of ‘empty nest syndrome’ which refers to the feeling of unhappiness or turmoil that occurs when a fairly set way of life is suddenly upended by a child leaving home.

    Escaping Nesters

    But there are solutions that The Room Xchange can provide for either scenario. For the escaping nesters it can be easy to think that you’ll just pack your things and drive across the Nullarbor for six months and explore the country you’ve lived in for so long but never seen. But it can leave you with a few issues to deal with. Insurance companies aren't too happy if your home is left unoccupied for long periods of time. Your family dog will need looking after and your garden might not survive with you gone for so long.  It can be a difficult task to coordinate a house sitter or enlisting your neighbours to give you a hand. 

    Empty Nest Syndrome

    Empty nest syndrome on the other hand often arises in parents of adult children who are now facing a shift in their self-identified role. This is more prevalent for mothers as it can leave them feeling redundant now that their parental job is done. But there are many people on our platform who are looking for an opportunity to contribute and at the same time, offer company and friendship, alleviating some of the loneliness that occurs at this stage of life.

    Either way, whether you're looking for someone short-term while you're on your travels or someone to live in your home long-term for companionship and household support, we have 100's of guests who are ready and waiting to connect with you right now. 

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